Cyber Security Courses at MDIS

Cyber Security Courses at MDIS

  1. What is cybersecurity? 

Cyber security is the body of processes, techniques and technologies that protect Information Technology (IT) systems from cyber-attacks and data breaches. Such attacks can severely damage a brand’s reputation and compromise the security of customers. By engaging cyber and network security professionals, and conducting industry-recognized procedures, such as vulnerability assessments and scans, penetration testing and ethical hacking – enterprises can safeguard their assets.

2. Is cyber security a good career? 

Yes, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has increased manifold over the past few years. As companies around the world digitalize and information is stored online and sent through networks or servers, cyber security has become integral to the economy. Cyber security is needed in almost every sector, from the financial sector to the transport sector, making it a career that offers several opportunities for those who hold the right certifications. 

3. What qualifications do I need for cyber security? 

A specialist diploma, bachelor’s degree, or postgraduate degree in cyber security can equip one with the knowledge and skills to explore a career in this field. As a cyber security professional, you are required to implement and maintain security systems and this means most companies require that you obtain at least a diploma in cyber security. For those keen to learn the basics of cyber security, MDIS offers several IT, network and cyber security courses for beginners, training them in the fundamentals of IT security. 

If you wish to advance to higher positions, companies would prefer that candidates have at least a cyber security bachelor's degree.

4. Does MDIS offer part-time cyber security courses? 

Yes, MDIS offers part-time cyber security courses at all levels, including diploma, bachelor’s degree, and postgraduate degrees. A part-time course generally takes twice the amount of time to complete compared to a full-time course. For example, MDIS’ Higher Diploma in Information Technology and Cybersecurity course taken full-time requires 7 months, while if taken part-time, requires 12 months.

At the School of Technology, MDIS has a diverse range of courses to suit your needs, from International Foundation Diplomas to a Master's degree.




International Foundation Diploma in Information Technology

6 month




Higher Diploma in Information Technology and Cybersecurity

7 month




Bachelor of Science (Hons) Cybersecurity and Networks (Year 2) – Teesside University

16 month




Bachelor of Science (Hons) Cybersecurity and Networks (Year 3) – Teesside University

8 month




Bachelor of Science (Honours) Artificial Intelligence (year 1) – Teesside University

3 years


Master of Science Cybersecurity

12 month






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