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The farthest from Singapore to Vietnam is a 3-hour flight and the closest is 1:30 on a Vietnam Airlines flight and no visa procedures are required. That gives any Vietnamese interested in this Green, Clean, Beautiful and Safe Island the opportunity to explore Singapore, an attractive modern social model with remarkable achievements. moat.

For many parents, choosing Singapore as a reliable address to send their children does not start at university but now starts from kindergarten, primary school and high school. Safe and civilized, children don't even have many opportunities to fall into bad habits. The quality of Singapore's education is top in the world and the products of Singaporean education are citizens who keep pace with the world.126

Vietsing24h Singapore, is a Singapore public exam preparation center with practical services that ensure children not only take and pass public school exams, but also study and live in the safe environment of our homestay system.

Established in January 2011, by Vietnamese citizens residing in Singapore, with their efforts over many years of operation, hundreds of students proudly study in Singapore's public schools from elementary school to university. learn.

Now, we are proud and confident with our parents to bring our children a bright future in Singapore's public education system.

Our children's future is guaranteed not by their parents' bank accounts or real estate, but by their own knowledge and understanding. Studying abroad at public schools in Singapore is an opportunity for Vietnamese students to achieve that.about-2

VietSing24h Singapore is ready to work with you to care for and create a bright future for Vietnamese citizens - global citizens - to live and study in a safe and friendly environment at Singapore public schools. with educational quality standards recognized worldwide.

VietSing24h – Children's Future, Parents' Joy