One of inspirational education quotes considered as the foreword of our summer camps is “education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. This saying emphasizes on the enormous role of education in life, and this is clearly proved in the evolvement of the world. Admittedly, almost all parents consider seeking the best form of study for the children to guarantee that the future generations are truly educated. Understanding the expectation of parents, Vietsing24h constantly pursuit the lofty education goals, create the best education programs to light up passion for conquering knowledge of each generation of students. By our long-time experiences, we are pleased to launch Summer Camp 2020 in the gorgeous City-State.

Vietsing24h pays much attention to flexitime and unique themes of each camp so that parents and children have more choices: 2-week camps, 4-week camps, and 6-weel camps. Each camp has outstanding points as below:

  1. 1. Camp “Maths”: Acquaint with Mathematics taught in Singapore.
  • Learn Singapore education method-based maths.
  • Uncover Joy of learning maths
  1. 2. Camp “English” : Experience a new method of learning Engish
  • Experience Singapore education with devoted and well-qualified teachers.
  • Attend multitopic class with a variety of activities, so knowledge is conveyed to students practically.

Why should your children take part in summer camps held by Vietsing24h?

This program is not only a form of study and cutural exchange but it also a chance for students who love discovering new horizons and fulfilling adventures. This is also the best way to experience the advanced education of Singapore, a prospective land with beauty, safety  and multiculture. Vietsing24h is a prestigious companion helping students seek the right future orientation. 
➡️1.  In Vietsing24h, students have a great experience to live in such a safe and friendly country, currently improve living skills as well as study capacity, participate in many outdoor activities with many friends from other nations. These experience certainly create a memorable summer holiday for children and enable your children to develop their potential. 
➡️2.  Have a great chance to approach maths, programming, astronomy, natural science, and English joyfully and benefically. 
➡️3.  Learn in active study environment whose education methods help students enhance English language skills rapidly. 
➡️4.  Extra curricular activities enable students to discover new things and integrate into the cosmopolitan city. Thanks to this, students can be self-aware of how to become a global citizen. 
➡️5.  Help parents and children have good knowledge of Singapore’s education to consider whether this advanced education is appropriate for the children.

➡️6.  Side by side with parents in building the best study path to shine the children’s future.

Annual camps held by Vietsing24h attract numerous students. We are pleased to witness the growth of each student after camps. This success highly motivates our team to continue creating the most useful camps whose message is “ WE CARE YOU TRUST”. Vietsing24h always opens to welcome new campers and the former students ’s return. 
Who can join in Summer Camp of Vietsing24h? : 6-year-old to  15-year-old studens

Departure: Camp 1: June 1 -June 14; Camp 2: June 15-June 28; Camp 3: June 29-July 12; Camp 4: July 13- July 26.

Attention: This departure schedule is successively being planning to be appropriate to Vietnamse students’s academic year. 

Due to the limited number of slots, registration time can be closed once we receive enough application forms. 

- Summer Camp 2017:   
- Summer Camp 2016 

 - Daily life of the students in Vietsing24h 

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