In these days, various families have the tendency to send their children to study abroad since nursery school. This is not only the way to build up a good education foundation for their children, but it is also the best way to migrate for many families, especially single moms. A child studying abroad can guarantee their mother an opportunity to go abroad with them. From the second year, their mother can go to work or establish a company to request Employee Pass, and so their father can go to Singapore.

Simple procedure:

The list of essential documents:

+ Birth Certificate of the child (translated into English and notarized)

+ Certificate of Marriage or Certificate of Divorce

+ Immunization records (translated into English and notarized)

+ Passports of all members in the child’s family (copy)

+ Photo of the child (size 4x6, white-colored background)

+ Information declaration form of Vietsing24h

+ Financial Proof

+ Expenses of service.

There are some common questions about overseas study in nursery schools of Singapore:

1. When the children start to study abroad in nursery schools? 

Singapore Law does not restrict age of the children who are allowed to study abroad in Singapore; However, the visa application of the children at the age of 3 and above can be more eligible to be approved by Singapore Government.

2. If the children’s visa application has ever been denied, can they obtain the visa in the next visa application? 

This case depends on the reasons why their visa application has ever been denied; If the following visa application is processed accurately, the success rate will be about 90 percent.

3. Who will be denied the visa application? 

+ The Birth Certificate of the child does not have the name of his/her father.

+ The child has a parent working in Singapore thanks to Work Permit or S-pass.

+ The child has a parent who has ever violated the Singapore Law.

4. Expense to study abroad in nursery schools in Singapore. 

+ 3 hours to 4 hours a day (Kindergarten): S$350 to S$1200 a month.

+ 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM ( Child care):  S$760 – S$2300 a month.

Some schools that Vietsing24h students are currently learning in: Mindchamp (Top nursery school in Singapore), Montessorie, My First Skool, Cherie heart, PCF ….

In addition, cost of living (basic necessities in life: housing, eating, travelling,…): S$3000 a month (for both the mother and the child).

5. How to do procedure? 

Step 1: Submit immunization records of the child to Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB)

Step 2: After receiving the certificate of HPB submit all necessary documents to get a visa.

Step 3: Receive the letter of approval of ICA and schedule to take Student Pass in Immigration Services.

Step 4: Do admission procedure for the child to enter the nursery school.

Step 5: Do guarantee procedure for the mother to go abroad with the child.

Attention: Please tell us the truth of all information that you declared with ICA before: How many times your visa application has been denied, the reasons why it didn’t pass,…. Because it is the sole way for us to help your children succeed!


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